Holding a higher standard
Color Country Concierge
Our Services
"Simply make the choice to be a successful cabin owner!"
  1. Concierge
    We can help prevent damage to driveways, railings, decks, windows, & cabin structure. Easy access during winter months. We prevent frozen pipes, water damage, rodent & insect infestation. Landscaping maintenance to prevent fire damage & falling trees on your cabin. Through weekly inspections we secure property and save on power bill.
    You need it we can make it happen! - Inspections - Caterer - Snow removal - Massage - Fire wood - Etc - Errands - Florists - Personal Chef - Caterer
  2. Contractors/Vendors
    Owning your own cabin can be hard work, Let us take away some of those stresses & responsibilities.
    - Air conditioning/Heating - Carpet - Builder - Etc - Electrician - Landscaper - Plumber - Painter - Blinds and Curtains - Carpet - Etc
  3. Cleaning Professional
    We'll take care of your cabin like it was our own. Cleaning to your perfection! Quality service to make your cabin luxurious.
    - Cabin - Window - Carpet - Spring & Deep cleaning
  4. Special Services
    Looking to invest, buy, sale, rent or upgrade.
    - Rent properties/Setup websites/manage clients - Lawyer - Insurance Agent - Realtor - Photography -Graphic Design - Printer - Etc
" Your Cabin/Condo will shine! "